The Canobolas~Smith Label

Our distinctive wrap-around blue label was designed by local artist Tim Winters. Inspired by illuminated manuscripts, all the elements of the wine are symbolically represented. The sun and mountain on a starry background, a crescent moon for growth, a shooting star for inspiration and above all a heart for the love that holds everything together. Alchemical symbols for the four seasons line the borders.

We produce many styles under the Canobolas~Smith label: barrel-fermented Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Blends, spicy cool-climate Shiraz, elegant Pinot Noir plus occasional vintages of Methode Champenoise Sparkling and Rosé.

Two wines that have contributed much to our reputation over the years has been our Chardonnay and our “Alchemy” red blend.


Our barrel-fermented Chardonnays are regarded as a leading regional style.  They consistently show an abundance of stone-fruit characters and freshness, enhanced by restrained oak-handling, and yeast-lees characters.  The wines are have great aging potential, typically taking 5 years hit their straps and then holding their peak-drinking through to 10+ years of age. Beyond that the wines begin to develop secondary, aged characters with honey, toast and nuttiness.


Alchemy can be considered as a transformation from a lower to a higher state. Alchemy is a blend of the best barrels of the vintage to create a wine that surpasses the individual components. It is not produced in all vintages. Cabernet Sauvignon provides dark forest berries, structure and length.  Cabernet Franc contributes a lot of perfumed aromas, red-fruit characters and chocolate and Shiraz adds spice, pepper and vibrancy.  With these components the wines show a wonderful completeness, with elegance, complexity and length. Like our Chardonnay this wine also ages incredibly well, maintaining its youth well beyond 10-15 years of age.